Articles, Videos, Podcasts

“Let’s Talk about Privilege,”
Dietrich School Flash Class.

"In Conversation: Literacy,”
Carnegie Museum of Art.

“Author’s Book Talk Events,”
Association for the Study of African American Life and History.


Ms. Magazine

“New Fiction, Old Reality: It’s Time We Pay Attention to the Pandemic Struggles of Black Women”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The Gift of Kwanzaa”


“Helping Postdoctoral Scholars Navigate Precarious Times”

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

“Alternative Facts and Faulty Citations: Urging Students to Use the Library.”

Classism Exposed

“Lessons from a Class Straddler: Upward Mobility in Literature”

Classism Exposed

“‘Wishing for Heaven’: Cross-Class Relationships and Contemporary Culture”

Being Human Podcast

The Thought Life of Social Justice: An Interview with Robin Brooks.

“What are you doing now to make a positive impact on your life and the lives of others?”

“Class permeates our everyday lives, and it should not simply be relegated to obviously class-invoking subjects like labor unions or political parties.”