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Robin Brooks, PhD is an associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research and teaching interests include African Diaspora studies, contemporary literature and culture, social justice, working-class studies, digital humanities, higher education management, and education policy.

"I believe using our privileges to help others brings us a step closer to eliminating inequalities."

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Class Interruptions: Inequality and Division in African Diasporic Women’s Fiction

As downward mobility continues to be an international issue, Robin Brooks offers a timely intervention between the humanities and social sciences by examining how Black women’s cultural production engages debates about the growth in income and wealth gaps in global society during the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

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Research Interests

Dr. Brooks’s scholarship focuses on African American and Anglophone Caribbean communities with particular attention to the various ways Black writers, artists, and scholars offer new possibilities for charting the “political” in everyday experiences. Examining various modes of resistance to different forms of oppression, her research forwards conversations in:

African Diaspora Studies

Literary Studies

Cultural Studies

Social Justice

Women's Studies

Digital Humanities

Working-Class Studies

Higher Education Management